Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I actually finished stitching this a few weeks ago. Most of you know how much I am grateful for Matthew's teacher this year. He went from having one of the worst in the school last year to having the best this year. She takes time out for him and is just the nicest woman, too. He loves going to school and just spending time with her. Anyway this started out as an ornament I got the pattern for in Branson...well the apple was there but they had Happy Holidays spelled backwards soooooooooo I decided to add her name and the date instead. But then it was too big for the snowflake ornament I wanted to put it in and really too big for an ornament in general. Debra(an online friend)who makes the tucks came to the rescue. She has an etsy shop and I found this on is much bigger than an ornament about 7 x 7 but I figure she could even hang it in the classroom. We also have a vase for her that Frank got at a bazzar in Afghanistan. Thoughts? Oh and check out Debra's stuff here