Saturday, December 29, 2007


So Christmas was good and work is busy. Babies get born 12 months a year. Life has just been crazy. I don't know which way I am going. DH got me stitching stuff for Christmas for the first time in our 12(almost 13)years together. I got perf paper and two patterns. A Little House one and the new Stitchy Kitty snowman trio. Went to the LNS today to get the stuff for the trio. I also thought about things I want to finish or at least work on (lol) in 2008. That is everything is my rotation and! I think this year will be the year I do Matthew's birth thing. I finally got the baby shoes pattern and he will be 8 on Thursday. I am anxious to stitch alot of things. I think I had 6 or 7 total for 2007 and hope 08 will bring many more. I stitch much more regularly now than I did a year ago. A year ago probably only once a month at stitching group maybe. Now I stitch almost every night(well haven't during the holidays)but I have realized my stress is greatly reduced by stitching. I've said it before and I'll say it again..amazing what little x's do for a body.

Take Care!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Is it really December 9??

Man oh man where does the time go. I have gotten nothing done today cause my baby(okay he's almost 8) is sick. Woke me up early this am just shivering and saying he felt very dizzy. I gave him tylenol and he slept awhile. He had a fever. Then some vomiting later. Tonight he felt better although he said he still felt weak. Hopefully he will have a better day tomorrow. I hate to see him sick...feel so helpless.
I also had something happen today that is driving me crazy. I HATE the dentist and would rather be beat than go. So I don't. About 18 months ago, I had horrible tooth pain and ended up with a root canal. I only agreed to it because I was in so much pain and they let me watch my soap and gave me enough laughing gas that I was fine. So I got a temporary crown at that point. Never went back for the permanent. I know..bad patient. Well last night, the temp crown finally fell out. So I called the office today and got an appt on their next business day. Monday the 17th. I am already scared. But my gum at that area of that tooth hurts. I thought after they did the root canal it wasn't suppose to hurt. I also kn ow I have other teeth that need help so maybe I'll keep going. Just scares me to death! Any advice?
On that note..I am out of here....going to either stitch or read. On the reading note if anyone has a book that will pull me out of this slump I have been in since July....tell me!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Isn't he cute??

I just finished this snowman ornament that is a gift for! I think he turned out cute. It was my first try with the perf paper too so I am proud of that. I ended up(after getting lots of advice)backing it with sticky felt and then cut around it.
So what's up with all? I am still not reading much but I am obviously stitching. I was off work today with cold symptoms and dizziness. Some better tonight so I hope I can get some errands run tomorrow. Typical before Christmas stuff like the post office. We got some ice/snow tonight but it is suppose to be okay in the am which is good cause my errands will go faster without the almost 8 year old. Well I am off to bed. I am exhausted and my dizziness meds are kicking in.

Hugs and good night!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Look what I got today

This was made by Cheryl and it is my ornament for the St. Louis Stitchers exchange. Soooooooooooooooo me!!!


Saturday, December 1, 2007


So apparently with the amount of stuff I've signed up to do plus usual Christmas stuff, I am not planning on sleeping this! Work is crazy! Especially this coming week and the week before Christmas. I am taking off most of Christmas week and the first week of January. I don't necessarily want to but dh will only be home the week of Christmas and Matthew is off both weeks. So...unless I want to pay a sitter....i'm off. Hopefully I'll get some ME time.
So tomorrow or later tonight, I plan to start Frank's Christmas present..gee think I could wait any longer..maybe till the! I am also finishing something else for another exchange. Plus I have to clean the house some and do my Christmas cards. Oh and tomorrow I will also need to get ready for the week since I WORK everyday..part time? I also have to get 2 different exchanges ready and do something about the one I forgot about..ugh!! Wish I would have remembered before I went to my lns today.
I did get a new pattern by Val's Stuff and all the stuff to go with it...guess what it is... a SNOWMAN(imagine I am going to try and post a picture here. It is done with crescent colors which I have NEVER used so I went ahead and got them
Oh well I am off to bed so I have some energy tomorrow!

Have a wonderful Sunday!