Sunday, January 1, 2012


Gosh it has been so long since I have been's crazy but life gets in the way a lot. Recently I have been doing a lot of thinking. I am tired of being in St. Louis with my family in North Carolina. I am finding I am thinking a lot about 2009 which was the hardest year of my life. The deployment year made me strong but it wasn't easy. 2012 isn't starting easy but I hope it improves with time. So I don't call them resolutions but goals and I have many but the number 1 goal is not one I can control.

Personal Goals:
1. spend more time on me(and less on time suckers like facebook)
2. exercise
3. lose some weight

Reading Goals:
1. read a book a week
2. read 6 classics I have never read before
3. keep up with book club reads
4. find a f2f in my new community

Stitching Goals:
1. Finish The Serenity Prayer(started 12/9/08)
2. Have more finishes than 2011(1 ornament)
3. Stitch at least 1/2 of 2012 ornament club
4. finish LK 6 Fat Men
5. start and finish Bent Creek Snow Globe

So that all makes me very tired...think I will get off here and read for a bit then bed...

Monday, November 8, 2010

Cecilia's Retreat

So I just had the BEST weekend! I left last Wednesday for the November retreat Cecilia's Samplers. I picked up Laura and Sue V from Every Stitch Counts yahoo group at the St. Louis airport. We then drove to Branson. They are great ladies. I also met Debbie and Karen from ESC who were also great. I got to see Anita and Becky from Texas. Plus Holly, Sandy, Sharon, etc etc. I also got to spend time with the other St. Louis Stitchers that went. As usual, Tour Guide Barbie, the later years(Holly) outdid herself. We were a large crowd this year but the room was great. I was with my usual condomates Monique and Sandy. Debbie stayed with us for a night. I missed Jackie though and she better be back with us for April. (yes Jackie that would be a!) Fuddruckers came and cooked for us on Thursday night..YUMMY! Plus we had an extra night for a small fee. Now to you out there who have not had the experience I would highly recommend it! I believe(Tour Guide tell me if I am wrong) they are booked until Fall 2011 but check out the website. I went with the gift certificate option because I CAN ALWAYS find more stuff to buy. Cecilia's Samplers is one of the best shops I have ever been in. Margaret, Amy, Jesse, Kacy, Holly, etc etc will do ANYTHING to help you! But because Holly is such a great project picker, I did have to buy 2 of them. Snowmen you know? I got tons of stuff from my Every stitch counts friends which I love all of it! I thought I would list the fun things that I got at the retreat or purchased at Cecilia's.

At the retreat
Cecilia's Samplers piggy bank
tea cup
tons of free patterns
ipod holder
sewing pin
Cecilia's tote bag
Cecilia's tape measure
Pat Carson needle
nail files
Guard frog that helps protect against unfortunate "RIP-IT" incidents
Case with pattern, fabric and floss
bookmark magnifier
mini motif sampler pin cushion
scissor fob
counting fob
black and white stork scissors

What I purchased?
Santa snowman basket of love by Stoney Creek(this was a project for the weekend)
Amy Bruecken designs key toy(snowman also a project)
Cure pink pouch with scissors, pattern and floss winders
stork scissors
Bent Creek Frowzen Men kit
Evergreen ornaments love (snowman)and all the stuff to do it
LHN Snow White and all the stuff to do it
more Pat Carson needles
Bent Creek Holiday Hang-Ups(snowman) kit
LK Winter Fab Fob
The Stitchworks Starlight Snowman and all the stuff to do it
Bent Creek The Christmas Mandle Part 1 and Part 2
Amy B for Jackie and all the stuff to do it

Pat Carson doll
Bent Creek The Christmas Mandle Part 3

Non-Stitching Purchases
hot pink crocs
fuzzy pink and grey crocs(lined)
crocs for Matthew
great hand lotion
Wiggle worm for Matthew
2 t-shirts for Matthew
leather purse


I may have gotten more I just can't think of it now. I think I got another pair of scissors...I am trying to catch up to! I have to go to bed...tomorrow I am going back to my babies!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Another Snowman Finish

I finished this late last night..

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Finish/News/Pic of Matthew

Tons of stuff going on here right now. I am returning to work as a nurse at NFNF in 2 weeks..plenty to get ready. I have been stitching quite a bit and finished the snowman picture here on New Year's Day. The other picture is of Matthew is the sock monkey hat his grammy from Texas made him for his 10th birthday!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I actually finished stitching this a few weeks ago. Most of you know how much I am grateful for Matthew's teacher this year. He went from having one of the worst in the school last year to having the best this year. She takes time out for him and is just the nicest woman, too. He loves going to school and just spending time with her. Anyway this started out as an ornament I got the pattern for in Branson...well the apple was there but they had Happy Holidays spelled backwards soooooooooo I decided to add her name and the date instead. But then it was too big for the snowflake ornament I wanted to put it in and really too big for an ornament in general. Debra(an online friend)who makes the tucks came to the rescue. She has an etsy shop and I found this on is much bigger than an ornament about 7 x 7 but I figure she could even hang it in the classroom. We also have a vase for her that Frank got at a bazzar in Afghanistan. Thoughts? Oh and check out Debra's stuff here

Monday, November 9, 2009

Branson Weekend

I just spent Nov 5-8 at a stitching retreat in Branson. The host was Cecilia's Samplers(I have a link thing on the side of my blog). IT is a great store and an awesome retreat. This is my second time and it was again soooooooooooo relaxing. This time I talked my friend Jackie into going with me and it was the best weekend in a long time. We had a condo and we had one bedroom and the other bedroom was shared by Monique and Sandy...2 of my good friends here in St. Louis. The amount of projects and freebies we got was overwhelming...list to follow. I also got to meet Anita from everystichcounts and her daughter Rebecca...they are the sweetest people and the stitching was beautiful..Anita you must post the other piece you are working on besides Ballet..they are both beautiful. My sil Sandra was here to watch Matthew(thanks again Sang)so I had no worries. We ate out, shopped, stitched and talked. Well honestly I really did most of the talking. It was like I was wound up Thursday and we couldn't find the mute button all weekend. I am truly sorry for that but I think it was just the excitment being around all adults doing a hobby I love. Jackie and I are going to go back to the spring one...I will get there from wherever I am living! Too much of a good time to past up. On the way home it did take us longer because Modot was working on 44 and we got routed off the highway into a small rural area...before they took us off the highway we were stuck in traffic(not moving)for at least 30 minutes. Even that was not enough to dampen our was just a great weekend. I highly recommend any stitchers out there who want a relazing weekend to come to Branson...again check out Cecilia's link. Are you ready for my list?? It is long and I separated it into parts so it makes more sense.

I love Lucy slippers for Sandra
Branson pocketknife with Matthew on one side for him..sounds strange but I got it due to scouts.
a toy bow and arrow set for Matthew
Nurse snowman ornament(the store only had 2 so it worked out because J and I each got one)
Branson pen
Branson magnet
2 Harvest spice candles made by Amy at Cecilia's

1. at the shop we had a 10% discount and then we rolled big dice at checkout and you got to add that number to the 10 to make a higher %

2. threw ping pong into basket for basket, floss and beads

3. darts for charts

4. moose matching game for charts

5. wrapped package..we had to find the numbers inside and we got the prize with that number on..charts and kits

6. hang ring on a stuffed bear(or another animal)--got unstuffed bear with pieces of fabric inside

7. color on end of lollipop--package of different items

lap desk with light(M wants it)
gift for friend(can't say cause she might read this)
supplies for St. Louis stitchers ornament
supplies for teacher's ornament
supples for sparetime ornament
small very sharp purple scissors
Val's Little Stuff topsy turvy snowman chart, fabric and thread..started this weekend
Kreinik Ornament of the Month Club Snow Patriot kit with a Tokens-Trifles stocking trinket
Val's Stuff Christmas Snowman
project bag

snowflake ornament for teacher
2010 ornament club..complete kits monthly from Jan-Oct

snowflake ornament stitched Merry Christmas Kim by Holly and daughters
teddy bear..gave to Matthew
cute basket
snowman dish
foot spray
Cecilia's Samplers sticky calender
Cecilia's Samplers notepad(magnetic)
stitchable mousepad
tiny purple calculator for fabric
hole scaler II
Cecilia's Samplers card for floss
magnolia candle
Cecilia's totebag
Cecilia's highlighter with post it notes
Erica Michaels notepad
The MArking Sampler mug
combo with needle threader, needles and needle stitched on holder
DMC floss
blue and red cupcake holders with white fabric
wichelt pen
wooden horn book
Cecilia's key ring
11 different colors of small pieces of fabric
11 1/2 x 11 1/2 tan and gold sparkly fabric
Cecilia's holiday pencil
6 x 6 yellow fabric
GAST gold leaf
snowman bag
bellpull hanger
18 1/2 inch long red banding for bellpull
Carrie's Creation Frosty Pine
Carrie's Creation Gold
Carrie's Creation Crimson
10 1/2 x 10 1/2 tan fabric for hornbook
small stitchable stocking
GAST sarsaparilla
GAST bittersweet

2009 Merry Christmas ornament kit..(snowman)
Friends Count Kit
Stoney Creek Mitten Magic Kit
Pine Mountain Blockheads( this!)
Elizabeth's Designs Give Thanks
Table Runner with fall design and everything to complete
Biscournu with sparkly fabric and threads
Lizzie Kate Three Blox Noel, Joy, Fa la la with fabric, buttons, and dmc

Monique's pattern weekend with friends..designed just for this weekend but check out her other stuff at
Trail Creek Noel
Poppy Kreations Christmas Mini V
Trail Creek Tis the Season
Precious Moments Precious Gifts
Precious Moments for Little Boys and Girls Vol. 2
Encore hearts and flowers book
Cherrywood Designs Make Friends
The Silver Lining Center Stage Pink Rose
The Silver Lining Bandon Lighthouse
PS Tree
JBW Holly Noel
hornbook pattern
Gloria and Pat Christmas Counts book..tons of cool stuff in here...found ornaments for teacher and Sparetime

Cricket mitten-mitten
Sheepish Designs Peace to all Who Enter
Whispered by the Wind Snow
Drawn Thread All You Need is Love
Drawn Thread Winter Scissors Keep
Crescent Colours Snowman's Surprise
Val's Stuff Home is Where The Snow Flies
Wichelt imports Happy Winter
Gingerbread Smile
Papillon Noel Sampler
Wichelt 'tis the season
JCS vinney ornament
Full Circle Elliott The Snowman
Something in Common Ho Ho Sampler
Handblessings Peppermint Acorn
Linen Flowers Holiday Wishes Ornament
Poppu Kreations Joy
Drawn Thread Santa Scissors Keeper
Faithwurks Noel ornament
JABC Jingle All the Way
M Designs Pray Tree ornament
Praiseworthy Pumpkin Yum
Brittercup Fall
Victoria Sampler Fall Biscornu
Erica Michaels Turkey Time
Drawn Thread Autumn Scissors Keeper
Praiseworthy pumplin Visitor
Blue Ribbon Acorns and Owls
Rosewood Manor Friendship
Sue Hillis Sew Many Stitches

WHEW! You have made it to the end. I will spend days if not weeks fondling my stuff. Now the wait for the spring retreat starts.

In the meantime for those of you counting....27 more days until Frank leaves Afghanistan...WAHOO!