Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Taking a quick break..

I have been stitching most of the evening. Working on the tote bag for an exchange I am in that needs to be mailed by Monday. It is an easy stitch but time consuming. I hope the person likes it. I then signed up to another exchange but that one is only bookmark size. I have a love quilts square due on Monday that is not going to make it. Then I have one to do for quilts4kids due in November. Anyhoo I am really enjoying stitching again which is so wonderful. I had not done much for qquite some time and I realized today that I was so totally relaxed. I think that is why. It is the only thing that is different. I think I am getting sick though. Sore throat and massive headache tonight. I don't know why and I hope not esp cause Frank is coming home tomorrow or Thursday for about 10 days. This weekend coming up in the scout camping weekend. Thank goodness I don't have to go. I just don't camp. So instead I get a weekend almost all alone. Will be wonderful! I plan to stitch and relax. I would like to read as well but still nothing sounding good there. I plan to try something if the head calms down. I am able to read magazines but not anything longer. The attention just isn't there. I am joining some new groups on yahoo to see if I can get into them. I also plan to try and attend a new f2f group that meets during the day. It is just one morning a month for an hour so I should be able to swing it. Also my work book club is coming up on Oct. 12. That one is only every other month but it is something. I really want to want to read again but I think I am obsessing about it which is going to make it worse. UGH!!
At least I am stitching....maybe I am a one hobby at a time gal..????

Monday, September 24, 2007


I feel like I have done so much today. Let's see got up at 7am, got Matthew ready for school and out the door. Laid down for a few minutes. At 10am, I went and did my curves workout which was better today. In fact, the soreness is almost gone. Home to shower and get some things to be mailed. Left the house again at 12:45pm went to another curves for nutrition class, post office to mail exchange items, kinkos for a color working copy of a pattern, and then the grocery store. Got home around 3pm. Made hard boiled eggs and then supper for M and I. Matthew's homework is done and he is out playing with a friend. I need to clean up the kitchen and then my work is done. It is only 6pm!!! I hope/plan to get alot of stitching done tonight. I have also already called my clients for tomorrow and gotten the paperwork ready I need. I miss my husband already though. I know he made it to WI safely but haven't talked to him since earlier today. I plan on having Matthew call him before bed since he mentioned how much he misses daddy. This is hard and he is only about 6-7 hours away and plans to come home later this week. What will we do when he is in Afghanistan and we don't see him for 6 months or more. The rest of the week will be busy. I have clients every day. Tomorrow night is gymnastics and Wednesday is a scout den meeting. Let the craziness begin...hopefully I can get some stitching/reading time in nightly to relax.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Signs of Fall

So today it was over 90 here in St. Louis and humid. So although my calender says late September, this city hasn't realized it yet. Also the fall tv season has started which to me means increased stitching time. Tonight I recorded Desperate Housewives and will watch it and stitch. I am really looking forward to Grey's Anatomy and ER. All in all it will be good stitching time which could mean some finishes.

As for reading, I am still slumping. I have a ton from the library right now
Turning stones : my days and nights with children at
risk by Marc Parent

Stick figure : a diary of my former self by Lori

Cutting remarks : insights and recollections of a
surgeon / Sidney M. Schwab

Children's Hospital by Peggy Anderson

Acres of hope : the miraculous story of one family's
gift of love to children without hope / Patty Anglin
with Joe Musser: [foreword by Joni Eareckson Tada].

As I live and breathe, notes of a patient doctor /
Jamie Weisman.

Patient 002 : a novel / Floyd Skloot

Me, myself, & Bob : a true story about God, dreams,
and talking vegetables / Phil Vischer.

Dog years : a memoir / Mark Doty.

Year of the dog : a novel / by Shelby Hearon

Stolen lives : twenty years in a desert jail / Malika
Oufkir and Michèle Fitoussi ; translated by Ros

The bonesetter's daughter / Amy Tan
(for a bookclub later in Oct, so don't want to read
this one yet)

The book of bright ideas / Sandra Kring

As hot as it was you ought to thank me : a novel /
Nanci Kincaid

Last Chance Saloon / Marian Keyes.

Evening Class by Maeve Binchy

The last summer (of you and me) / Ann Brashares

The Moffats / by Eleanor Estes ; illustrated by Louis
Slobodkin.(never read this and son has a set in
current school book catalog..want to see if he needs

Life's a beach / Claire Cook.

Stolen beauty : healing the scars of child abuse / Amy

China ghosts : my daughter's journey to America, my
passage to fatherhood / Jeff Gammage

Relative stranger : piecing together a life plagued by
madness / Mary Loudon

Any thoughts? Not sure what I will end up reading. I am still catching up on magazines I got when I will in PA in July so may just stick with them. Since I haven't finished a book since July, I miss it.
Onto other good news...talked to my mom today and she is doing WONDERFUL!!!

Friday, September 21, 2007


I am so happy it is Friday. This week has been hot and miserable. I did get alot of good things in the mail this week...6 boxes from amazon. Would someone please explain to me why they insist on sending books in one order in different boxes on the same day? I don't pay shipping so it's not a big deal but it seems wasteful to me.
I also got some stash..a chart for a exchange I am in, waxing moon's the crab is in, a christmas ornament chart. and val's stuff I'm just a little batty. I plan a trip to the stitching shop this weekend to pick up some things for me and for exchanges. I am going to get the stuff to do I'm just a little batty. I am not usually a Halloween gal but this cracks me up and it is sooooo true. Still have not received the JCS ornament issue..ugh! It just plain stinks that the subscribers seem to get it last. So I have been poking around Stitches and things site and man have I found some "must-haves." I am really fond of these new Amy Bruecken designs especially the one "you're my hero" for obvious reasons. A Chill is in the air by homespun elegance is another must have. Most of you all know my love of snowmen and I did find two of those online also. Squeezing thru the holidays by X's and O's and My curves have shifted by carousel charts. Also really liked carousel charts frogs.

More good news...Frank talked to the car insurance company today. They said to fax the lawsuit I got last week to them and they will deal with it. The guy also told Frank that they have not even settled the original claim with this guy because they feel that his "injuries" do not match the accident and feel that he may have had these "medical issues" before our actual accident.

So now hubby and son are in bed. I am soon to follow but I think I am going to get off the internet and get some stitching and/or reading done.

Hugs and good night!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Out of shape

Okay so now I know exactly how out of shape I am. Joined curves yesterday and I will tell no one my weight, measurements or body fat %..not even Frank. That being said, I almost fell over when I saw that number..OMG I know I have been putting on weight since I had my baby(I know he is almost 8!!!) but man oh man. In total I would like to lose about 50 pounds but honestly it is more about feeling good, lowering my blood pressure and having more energy. Also I will need the stress reduction when I as a single mom with a hubby in a war zone. Tonight was my first workout and did I ever feel it. Appears the only muscle I used recently is my mouth. Here I was counting those trips to the second floor in the city hauling scale, baby items and computer as exercise. Guess not!
The week has been busy. So far the only time part time about part time is the name. Next week will be a little better. I'm off Monday and then have 3-4 clients daily and they are all in the same zip on the same day. Now if only this humidity would break. It is September St. Louis...cool down!
As for stitching and/or reading...lol! I am having concentration problems. I have been stitching some but I don't think I've finished a book since July. I have started many and read magazines but can't follow a story. If anyone has any ideas of a book that could pull me out of this slump...let me know! I hate not reading something. As for stitching, I am working on a love quilts square that is due October 1 and also a tote bag for an exchange.
The new sleep number bed is good. I am slowly adjusting my number every few nights and haven't found the perfect one yet. I am getting closer. Also for the first time in many years, I can lay on my left side which is awesome.
The lawsuit..well Frank talked to a lawyer/judge on Monday who said it is the insurance company's issue not me personally. Frank has called them and I am not sure if they have called back yet. He was taking care of that since he has more time during the day to make calls at this point.
TOMORROW IS FRIDAY!!! YEAH!! I am on call this weekend but at least it isn't the hell that it was at VNA-tip!


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

good morning

I don't think I have ever been able to post in the am before. It is about 8am and ds is getting ready for school. I have one client today that I really don't feel like going to see. She isn't answering her phone so maybe I won't have to. I think have therapy and later a doctor's appointment. Hopefully it all goes well. I didn't sleep well at all last night. I guess it is just getting used to the new bed, etc. But now I could sleep very easily. Well now M is off to school...what to do? I have to attempt to call my patient for today. She was not answering her phone yesterday. I hate when people do that. Just telll me you don't want me to come and fine I won't. I want to stitch and read. hum! Tomorrow I am working and then I have an appointment at curves. I plan to join to try and decrease my weight. Granted I would love to lose weight but I honestly just want to get healthier. My blood pressure is elevated and stuff. Plus I think alot of my aches and pains are weight related.

Today at some point I would like to start a book I would like to finish and also get in some major stitching time. The rest of the week I am booked with clients.

Have a great day everyone!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sunday Night

I am exhausted even though not a book was read this weekend nor did I cross a stitch. But my bedroom is much cleaner and the new sleep comfort bed is up and ready to go. The bed has all fresh new sheets, blanket and quilt on it. It is 10pm and tomorrow is another work day. Why do the work days go soooooooo slow and the off days sooooo fast. Well as of today I am officially 1/2 time. I will see how it works starting tomorrow. I have a meeting in the am and then 4 clients to see. Tomorrow evening is a stitching group. Maybe I will actually stitch...lol!

Night Night!!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Saturday evening

Well I am feeling a bit better after talking to a friend about the summons. She had some good information. We will hopefully talk to a lawyer on Monday. It is this waiting over the weekend until we can call that bothers me. Not to mention this is just something I DID NOT NEED RIGHT NOW!!!!
As for the movable wall, it is done and dh will be drywalling in a few minutes. He claims he will have my bed ready tonight. Guess we will see. He did redeem himself in that when he went to home depot, he stopped at cold stone creamery for me. Off to stitch and/or read. I need some relaxing me time.

Keep your fingers crossed I will sleep in my new bed tonight!


I knew I should have just stayed in bed. I wake up to Frank saying "you better look at this" I am being SUED!!! You may remember my accident on Dec. 6, 2006. In case you don't, here is what happened. I was working and driving on graham road on the way to a client's house. The guy in front of me in the suburban stopped at the light and I tried to but slipped on a piece of ice. My kia took most of the damage. He had a scratch on the trailer hitch that was on the suburban. He went to the hospital complaining of nausea, neck pain, and numbness in his arms. By the time I went(mostly to be sure I was fine which I was), he was in the waiting room drinking pepsi and eating chips. Laughing with family and friends. Later Frank was outside looking at the back of the suburban trying to see if there was any damage(a scratch) and his wife gets out of another car and says "oh are you the insurance man here to give us a new car?" So I sent it in to my insurance. They called in the spring at one point to get another statement from me since my insurance said that the amount of health issues and damages he was reporting didn't match what I said happened. In May or June, Frank got a call from our insurance saying he was asking for more than we were insured for. Also our insurance dropped us in August because of this asshole and we had to get more expensive less coverage elsewhere. Now today I get the summons that HE IS SUEING ME FOR $25,000. Which I of course don't have. I also have to find a lawyer(good one) and pay him/her to defend me in this matter. No to mention any days of work I will miss. UGH!!
Today Frank and I have been cleaning the bedroom to put up our sleep number bed. I was out here taking a break when he called for me. Apparently the electrical outlet was only two prong so we couldn't plug the bed in. So he decides to cut around outlet to see if he can make it a 3 prong outlet. He can but bad news...the wall moves by the touch now. So I have a nervous breakdown and Frank and I have a huge fight about how shitty this house is and how much I hate it. And how that BITCH that sold us this house, got away(along with the realtors)with knowing the terrmite situation and we have been told we have no legal action to take in this issue. But that I can be SUED because my car didn't stop on the ice.

OMG!!! I hate it!

Friday, September 14, 2007

So tired....

This is my son sleeping at gymnastics tonight. Doesn't it just say it ALL??

A Finish

I am not sure how this came out as it is a scanned picture but I finished this tonight.
What do you think?

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Almost Friday

I can't wait! Today I am crabby! I really need to do that cross stitch "the crab is in" UGH! I don't know why I am crabby. Well yea I do. Mostly it is just feeling overwhelmed. So much to do so little time. Although I love doing the charity squares, I want to stitch something for ME! Is that selfish?? With my limited time.

I am exhausted again. I missed a day of work(yesterday)due to chest pain. It was constacondrisis from the cough with the bronchitis but I am just tired of it all. I had next week all scheduled including a complete day off during which I scheduled therapy and a doctor's appt. However now I will have to see clients in the middle. UGH!! Officially I will be part time by then but I have 33 clients most with high needs/new babies.

On to happier news. My sleep number bed has arrived and looks awesome sitting in the boxes in the living room..lol! DH says this is our project for Saturday. I am excited. I want it up and using. In some ways though I guess a weekend use first will be good. I have heard it takes several days to get used to it.

Tomorrow is my son's last day at kindercare. This makes me happy. Next week will still be busy but lucky for me, dh can be home the days at 3:30 that I can't be. Then daddy leaves for WI. I am hoping that by the beginning of October things will settle down and we will be back into a routine. As I am sitting her typing this, dh is at a meeting, ds is sound asleep on the sofa.\

I am off to wake him up so I can go stitch a bit!

Take Care!!

Monday, September 10, 2007


Okay so tonight I need to leave the world of stitching, motherhood and nursing a bit. I think on everyone's mind is the anniversity that comes tomorrow. I remember exactly where I was when I heard the news. I remember the terror of knowing that last plane went down somewhere in central PA but not knowing where(I grew up in central PA and most of my family still lives there). I remember it all and I'm sure the media will play plenty of more reminders tomorrow. But tonight I had an interesting conversation with an angry 7 1/2 year old. He was upset cause he had to go to bed. Today he got a kid's magazine in the mail that was about the country and our independance. He looked me in the eye and said "what's the big deal about freedom anyway?" I got angry. More than I probably should have but maybe I am a bit sensitive about the fact that I get to send dh off to fight for our freedom. Maybe it was the memory of all who have died in all our wars for freedom. Maybe it was just a long day. But I looked him back and said "I know you don't understand what freedom means because you have always been free. But in other places in the world, people can't shop somewhere without permission, kids can't go to school without permission and maybe we wouldn't live in our home if a government decided they needed it." He looked me in the eye and said "I guess we're lucky." Yes Matthew we are. But in the end I have to explain why daddy has to go to Afghanistan and listen to a child say "mom, he could die. What if that happens?" Knowing he has a point. But I always explain we will pray and hope that doesn't happen.
Whatever side of the war you stand on, I hope everyone remembers that military men, women, and families are willing to take that chance because we know that freedom is just not free.

Sunday, September 9, 2007


WEll today should be busy. The usual laundry and stuff to prepare for the upcoming week..my last one full time. YAY! I also want to start going through some books to give away as they are no longer something I would like and I need the space. After those chores though the day is mine. Stitching is the plan. I still need to "fray check" as I didn't get to that yesterday. Plus I am so close to finishing that monkey square I just want to stitch. I need a relaxing day.

Hope everyone else has one!

Saturday, September 8, 2007


It's Saturday evening and I am tired. Think I am getting sick again..nausea and sore throat this time..ugh! I have gotten nothing done today. I did stitch some last night and plan to tonight. I have tapped into a good stitching time for me...very late at night! Everyone else is asleep, the house is quiet, etc. But I have been staying up late during the week and then working. Therefore the exhaustion and sickies. Not to mention working with the public and kiddos.
So tonight we went to dinner and then did some errands. Stopped by Michaels for some floss and fray check. I have been working on aida lately for the charity squares and I forgot how easily it frays. I am not going to bother to fray check my almost done monkey square but will the rest. Today I got a package from 123 stitch which contained a tote bag(which I cannot say what I am stitching on it since it is a gift) and a Halloween project which I put a picture of. Now I have no idea when I will get to it as as usual too much to do to little time.

Had a quick stop at Barnes and Nobles and managed to find some stuff. Magazines mostly but I did pick up Everything I Needed to Know about being a girl I learned from Judy Blume. Anyone else read it? I was a huge Blume fan, still am actually although I haven't read her in years. But in the 1980s she was definitely part of my growing up. I am interested to see how this book of essays goes.

All right with all that said...I'm off to bed...now do I read or stitch? That is always the question.
Oh almost forgot..only 8 days until I am 1/2 time. YAY!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

OMG...another rant!

So today was good. I saw 2 patients nice and easy. I
also informed both that Monday's for the next couple
weeks are going to be Riverview days and rather than
an appt time they will get a place in line. So when
I'm done with 1, I'll go to 2, etc.
I then go to the office. Minute I walk in the door,
I'm asked "are you taking patients yet?" NOpe. Then
another one of the supervisors was talking behind me
saying "I need someone to see a preemie three times a
week in Jennings." I did so good and did not agree to
see her. I am rather full this week. AT some point
on my way to the office, I talked to Frank. He was
suppose to be off starting today until he leaves but
NO they will not allow it. So he spent today fighting
it and will continue that until a resolution happens
or he has to leave anyway whatever comes first.
So I go in and see Laurie and tell her the news. YAY
as of September 16 I am 1/2 time. I can refuse any
clients that need appts after 3pm and I only need to
see 25 a month.
I was at the office late today talking to
Julie(another nurse who also has a son that has ADHD).
So at 6pm I am cruising north on Hanley from my
office and as I get close to 70, it dawns on me..this
is almost Kinloch,,so I lock my doors. I had to stop
in spanish lake to give a client a bus pass. I get
there and my car door WILL NOT OPEN! If I unlock, it
just locks itself again. I felt like it was
possessed. Luckily this gal always meets me outside
so we did it through the open window. Then I come
home and call Frank. He is here already. He tries to
get me out the driver's side. Nope won't open. We
are able with the key to get the outside of the
passenger door open but it doesn't open from the
inside. I crawl over and get out. We have been
messing with it all evening and the driver door will
not unlock/open from inside or out. The passenger
door will open from the outside with a key but not
from inside. We both have to work tomorrow. So my
choices include
1. say someone more powerful than me is telling me
something and stay the hell home
2. take my changes, my car, crawl in and out of it
and pray the working back doors don't stop working
while I am in the hood where I am scheduled to be all
day. Trust me the one place, I don't feel safe at all
in that neighborhood and now I'm going with the
potential of not getting back into my car.
3. take Frank's truck and let him do all the crawling
but...he doesn't have a/c and we all know how I feel
about the heat and in this particular neighborhood, I
would NOT be able to drive with the windowns down.

Any suggestions??????

Matthew and hi fish

This picture was taken over the weekend when daddy and Matthew went fishing. I am off to get ready to go to work.


Monday, September 3, 2007

Quick post

Okay I am going to try and be quick but thanks to all for the encouraging words. I finally feel like I got enough sleep and it is back to work tomorrow. I think this week will be lighter. I know tomorrow is the big day when I tell the office I am going 1/2 time. Not sure how they will take that but I have to take care of my son before I can care for other babies.
Good news this weekend is that my mom is doing wonderful in her new assisted living facility. I haven't seen or talked to her(she is in PA and couldn't get phone hooked up until tomorrow)but the stuff that my sister has been telling me. Many she hasn't done that in YEARS!! Here is a pic that dh took of her and our son Matthew. This was taken 7/8/07 which was 2 days after we thought she was dying. I honestly thought this would be the last picture I had of my mom and son together.
Even better news, I actually picked up a needle this weekend. LOL!

Good Night!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Slept for 12 hours

Well after I went to bed I slept for about 12 hours. Right now I am upright by feel awful. I hurt all over and I am coughing alot again. I am eating lunch(Subway not snickers..lol)and then I think I will take my cough syrup and return to bed. I would love to stitch but my back hurts so much it isn't possible right now. Maybe later or tomorrow. I am just going to read a book or maybe only flip through magazines or maybe sleep. I am more physically exhausted than sleepy.

I hope everyone is having a good Saturday and taking care of themselves. Hopefully my phone won't ring much more(2 so far)but I am always on 24 hour call for my clients. Now I educate them on appropriate times to call, etc. There is one I WANT to hear from today due to a safety issue. But otherwise hope all is quiet. Plus they can call all they want, I either talk them through the issue or send them to the ER.

Happy stitching or reading!

Finally Over!!!!!!

Well this week has been the work week from HELL! I did 19 baby visits which included 8 brand new babies. After being off last week with bronchitis I had a ton of catching up to do. It has been after 1am every night this week till I am finished with work(nursing notes and such). I have been back at a client's house around 10am the next am. Thursday night, I left my last client's house around 8:30pm and I had left me that am at 9. No lunch breaks, only water in the car and occasional snickers from a quick trip when I made a short potty break. It has been wild! In addition most days it was very hot and I was very uncomfortable. The best thing I can say is it is OVER! Oh and it is also 9/1/07 which means the heat will leave sooner rather than later. Actually today was nice. I even saw trees move and felt a breeze in inner city St. Louis. Didn't help much in those 2nd floor apartments without a/c and clients that don't open windows.
Anyway I made it. My charting is done and my paperwork has been faxed. Other than phone calls I am off till Tuesday. Needless to say I have not picked up a book or a needle all week. This weekend I plan to do both for some much needed relaxing.
I also will try and catch up some on my groups and with personal emails. But first I am going to sleep and sleep for a long time. Hubby has agreed not to wake me today(Saturday) unless we are having a diaster and we need to evacuate.

Good Night!