Thursday, September 13, 2007

Almost Friday

I can't wait! Today I am crabby! I really need to do that cross stitch "the crab is in" UGH! I don't know why I am crabby. Well yea I do. Mostly it is just feeling overwhelmed. So much to do so little time. Although I love doing the charity squares, I want to stitch something for ME! Is that selfish?? With my limited time.

I am exhausted again. I missed a day of work(yesterday)due to chest pain. It was constacondrisis from the cough with the bronchitis but I am just tired of it all. I had next week all scheduled including a complete day off during which I scheduled therapy and a doctor's appt. However now I will have to see clients in the middle. UGH!! Officially I will be part time by then but I have 33 clients most with high needs/new babies.

On to happier news. My sleep number bed has arrived and looks awesome sitting in the boxes in the living! DH says this is our project for Saturday. I am excited. I want it up and using. In some ways though I guess a weekend use first will be good. I have heard it takes several days to get used to it.

Tomorrow is my son's last day at kindercare. This makes me happy. Next week will still be busy but lucky for me, dh can be home the days at 3:30 that I can't be. Then daddy leaves for WI. I am hoping that by the beginning of October things will settle down and we will be back into a routine. As I am sitting her typing this, dh is at a meeting, ds is sound asleep on the sofa.\

I am off to wake him up so I can go stitch a bit!

Take Care!!


glenda said...

No! It is not selfish to want to stitch something for yourself!!
Do it now!!! LOL

I hate the overwhelmed feeling, you have so much going on right now, it doesn't surprise me that you are exhausted and crabby. You obviously have more patience than I, as I probably would have whacked someone by now :) JK

take care, only one more week!!!!!

Lauren said...

Yes, you should do something for yourself! I hope your new bed got assembled this weekend!