Tuesday, September 4, 2007

OMG...another rant!

So today was good. I saw 2 patients nice and easy. I
also informed both that Monday's for the next couple
weeks are going to be Riverview days and rather than
an appt time they will get a place in line. So when
I'm done with 1, I'll go to 2, etc.
I then go to the office. Minute I walk in the door,
I'm asked "are you taking patients yet?" NOpe. Then
another one of the supervisors was talking behind me
saying "I need someone to see a preemie three times a
week in Jennings." I did so good and did not agree to
see her. I am rather full this week. AT some point
on my way to the office, I talked to Frank. He was
suppose to be off starting today until he leaves but
NO they will not allow it. So he spent today fighting
it and will continue that until a resolution happens
or he has to leave anyway whatever comes first.
So I go in and see Laurie and tell her the news. YAY
as of September 16 I am 1/2 time. I can refuse any
clients that need appts after 3pm and I only need to
see 25 a month.
I was at the office late today talking to
Julie(another nurse who also has a son that has ADHD).
So at 6pm I am cruising north on Hanley from my
office and as I get close to 70, it dawns on me..this
is almost Kinloch,,so I lock my doors. I had to stop
in spanish lake to give a client a bus pass. I get
there and my car door WILL NOT OPEN! If I unlock, it
just locks itself again. I felt like it was
possessed. Luckily this gal always meets me outside
so we did it through the open window. Then I come
home and call Frank. He is here already. He tries to
get me out the driver's side. Nope won't open. We
are able with the key to get the outside of the
passenger door open but it doesn't open from the
inside. I crawl over and get out. We have been
messing with it all evening and the driver door will
not unlock/open from inside or out. The passenger
door will open from the outside with a key but not
from inside. We both have to work tomorrow. So my
choices include
1. say someone more powerful than me is telling me
something and stay the hell home
2. take my changes, my car, crawl in and out of it
and pray the working back doors don't stop working
while I am in the hood where I am scheduled to be all
day. Trust me the one place, I don't feel safe at all
in that neighborhood and now I'm going with the
potential of not getting back into my car.
3. take Frank's truck and let him do all the crawling
but...he doesn't have a/c and we all know how I feel
about the heat and in this particular neighborhood, I
would NOT be able to drive with the windowns down.

Any suggestions??????


glenda said...

Good grief! You had quite the day, i have been computer lazy and am just now catching up on blogs. What did you end up doing?? I would have taken the car and a giant baseball bat LOL
Congrats on going half time. Sounds like the rest will do you good.

Lauren said...

Oh man. What a day! I hope today goes much better!