Thursday, October 4, 2007

Another good mail day!

I worked today and I swear things just kept going wrong. In a nutshell I drove to the office to pick up bus passes for clients. They were not in my mailbox. One gla needed hers for school tonight. So I went and got her a weekly one and started towards her apartment. Realized halfway there that I had bought her a bus pass for next week..ugh..then got a call that the girl with the passes was back at the office if I wanted to go get them. Un..NO!! In the end, I gave the gal the pass for next week and $10 to get to and from school tonight. Will deliver her monthly pass next week. Nothing difficult just frustrating!
Then I came home and got more! I got my purple stuff from Karen(csf) and it is totally cool! Plus I got an order from 123stitch and I have another coming. Maybe I should SSTOP shopping!!!Tonight is thursday though and my FAVORITE night on TV! I am taping Grey's as we speak(?read)and then will watch ER. I am OFF tomorrow and the biggest bonus of them all is I finally slept last night. I have not been sleeping all week. Hopefully I will sleep again!



monique said...

better quit shopping, Kim... just a few weeks until the big sale at Jeanne's you know LOL

Lauren said...

Oh, what new stash did you get?

glenda said...

Hope you can have a nice, relaxing weekend with your stash :)