Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I have been stitching so much that....

my right hand hurts..lol! I hold my q-snap in my left and then stitch with my right. It hurts in the palm. Good news is I should have a finish within a few days. It is the dump truck for charity. I wanted to mail it by Nov. 1 and I might not quite make that but I'll be close. Then I need to start the ornament for St. Louis stitchers. I should not have a problem getting that done. I am finding that I have been stitching for 3-4 hours a day lately. Matthew was off sick on Monday therefore I was off as well. Today I worked but have been stitching this evening. Tomorrow(Halloween)I am off but have a doctor appt and plan a trip to the stitch shop. I am getting the stuff to do the snowman in Just Cross Stitch. I slept better Sunday night but not so well on Monday night. Hope tonight is better. I am off to make more xs!


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