Tuesday, October 16, 2007


It has been a long week...LOL! I know it is only Tuesday but I am so looking forward to the weekend. It is the stitch in! Best weekend of the year in my opinion. Friends, food, laughter and stitching. Oh and can't forget the shopping..lol! Knowing that it is my favorite weekend of the year, Frank was asked(yes by me) before he even knew when he was going to WI to be home this weekend. It was my one request. So he is flying in Wednesday night to continue working on the house. Thursday I am off and will be getting stuff ready. Friday's plan is to go to Matthew's conference, have lunch and then I will be off. Only downside is that since Frank is flying we will be a one car family this weekend. However the gal's whose house this is at lives about 10 minutes away with traffic. Late nights are a must but hubby(sweet guy that he is)has already agreed to come and get me no matter what the time is. He may regret that! Sleep will not be plentful this weekend. Alot of the girls stay over and that would have been wonderful but my joints scream too much to sleep anywhere but home. Plus I would not take floor space from the girls traveling so far. This week was getting "in the mood" I have been stitching at night. However last night it went so late that I had to frog every stitch I took...UGH! So on that note, I am off. I also dusted off a favorite book for a reread with a bookgroup. Outlander the beginning of my favorite series. I may just reread them all although at about 1000 pages per book that is a huge undertaking. Hopefully this will bring me out of my almost 6 month long slump.



glenda said...

Your weekend sounds like it will be a wonderful time! I often wish I knew a stitcher to have a "stitch in" with. :)

I completely know what you mean about needing to sleep at home. I won't stay over anywhere unless I have to for the very same reason!

take care

Lauren said...

Ah, I just read Outlander not that long ago! I'll be starting the 4th book sometime soon... I just have so many books I want to read and it really competes with my stitching time!

I hope you have a great time at the stitch-in!

Lelia said...

I so agree that it has been a LOOOOOONNNNNGGGG week ...

Hang in there