Sunday, October 28, 2007

well let's's after 2am

Am I sleeping...NO, stitching....NO, shopping...well not really. Just! Matthew is at a gymnastics Halloween overnighter and it is strange to be in the house alone with the dogs. I miss my hubby and son tonight. So not much sleeping going on. I haven't stitched in days and must get back to it sometime on Sunday. I need to get that charity square finished and off to Australis. Then I have one ornament due December first. After that I am taking some time off. Not from stitching..but from stitching for someone other than me or my immediate family. Well I am actually getting a little sleeping. Maybe tonight will be the night I sleep. Of course I have to pick M up from her over night in less than 4 hours. Maybe I should just stay awake. Well I am off to have a snack and then I will read.

Good Night!

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