Friday, November 2, 2007

The last 24 hours

I am SUCH an puter idiot! We have 2 printers and last night I was cussing at the one. It all started cause I wanted to print The Gift of Stitching magazine in color. One printer is laser and black and white, the other is a regular printer and will print in color. I tried for hours to get that thing to print without success. Finally I basicly threw everything off my desk, turned the printer around and plugged it into a different place. Amazing it worked. So then I went to bed. I did work on my dump truck some. Did not sleep much cause Matthew was coughing. This am, he was exhausted and not feeling well. I kept him home and took him to the doctor. He has a sinus infection. At least he is now on amox and will get better. He is also very crabby! We then stopped by my work cause I had agreed to do a special project over the weekend to earn extra money. I can do it here at home while watching! Now we are home and I am stuffy with a headache. Hope M is not sharing his bugs with me. Plans for tonight are very low key...plan to (hopefully)finish the dump truck and relaxing. I will post a pic when it is finished.


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Mylene said...

Hi, glad to hear after all the trouble the printer works in the end and hope Matthew feels better soon and you too. Have a nice weekend.