Thursday, December 18, 2008

My Year Project

As most of you know, hubby is in Afghanistan. I also decided to quit my job and Jan. 16 will be my last day. I am very much at peace with the decision. This my big toe design will be my project for the year Frank is gone. I already have God Grane Me The done but I can't seem to get it uploaded. It is also bringing me some peace. Hopefully I can share a pic soon.


Alberta said...

Kim, that is going to be a beautiful piece once it's done. I hope it brings you closer to your beloved husband while he is away. I can relate, my DH was there 2 years ago. I hope that he stays safe and returns home soon.

Take care

sales said...

That is a beautiful project! It will keep you busy while your DH is away. I will keep him in my thoughts.