Monday, April 20, 2009

Branson Retreat

I spent the weekend in Branson with a retreat with Cecilia's Samplers. Before I say anything about the weekend, I have to mention the actual shop. AWESOME! If anyone is every close to there, go the extra way and stop in. Besides having a HUGEE amount of stuff, I was so impressed with all the gals who work there. So nice and sweet and helpful. They helped me change some weeks on a pattern to Carrie's threads and I just shopped while they did it. That shop will definitely become one I mail order from and I will visit there again. A+ in service! Now about the weekend....
I had a great time and relaxed so much. It was just what the doctor ordered for me stress wise. While we were there, I felt like all the worrying I have done about Matthew and Frank being gone left my body at least for the weekend. I plan to try and go to another of their retreats in November. My allergeries did bother me this weekend so I didn't get much actual stitching done cause my eyes hurt so badly. But I made up for it in shopping...LOL! Plus the visiting and laughing and of course eating. I bet you want to know what all I got....hubby asked me how much I spent and didn't even say anything when I told him..of course I can't see his face cause he is in Afghanistan but..he didn't complain. He was just happy I had a good time.
I did do some non stitch shopping and that was

for Matthew...a John Deere t'shirt, a john deere water bottle, 2 different card games, candy shapped like basketballs and footballs, 3 beginner cross stitch kits..a train, dog, bat and ball(it's so hard to find boy beginner patterns)

for Aunt Sandra(who came and stayed with Matthew and the dogs) I love Lucy coffee mug, notepad, and magnet plus a box of candy

for Jackie(awesome friend) a coffee mug and Sue Hill pirate pattern

for my mil(her birthday is in June) Elvis coasters, Elvis mug and a Branson thimble(she collects them)

Now for my stash....are you ready?
American flag stitching bag
vusion craft light
patrotic scissor fob(made for me by Amy a gal in the shop)
Poppy Kreations seasonal samplings IV
Blue silkweaver lugana to do "my days are numbered" from poppy kreations
Carrie's threads to do same
Twelve Months of a Snowman
Angelic Crafts patriotic heart
Carrie's creations to do patriotic heart
summer khaki joblean to do patriotic heart
6 inch q-snaps
Raise the Roof needlework accessories for dummies
God Bless America kit
Praiseworthy take-outs La Petit Fleur Biscornu
Bent Creek zipper seasonal sampler
Bent Creek zipper snow globe
starquest fabric(sparkley purple)
silkweaver dusk fabric(purple)
carrie's creation purple floss
carrie's creation epiphany(silk)

The freebies:
star buttons
ozark sampler thread purple phlox
weeks lavender
ozark sampler swamp water
ozark sampler seashell
weeks jealousy
ozark sampler sand dollar
sparkle braid (red)
weeks mimosa
tan floss
dmc 943
3 skeins dmc 893
2 skeins dmc 891
green hinzeit bag with pattern easter word egg and green pen
binder to decorate
Cecilia's pen
tape measure
needle case with 2 needles
America's Freedom by The Sunflower Seed
Handblessings Valentine Acorn Birdhouse
Hand and heart by The Primitive Needle
La-D-Da letters and leaves
Praire schooler eagle
Sue Hillis Yo HO HO HO
Cherished stitches A Constant Friend
felt flower bag
Cecilia's notepad
polka dot socks
Mark's Mark magnetic bookmark kit
needlework three inch square
green square container
fabric and floss for stash addict(pattern too)
Trail Creek farm spring
Ink Circles Nashville 2009(got the purple fabric for this)
Casey Buonaugurio Designs frog biscornu pattern
passione Ricamo Fairy Celebration(got the sparkly fabric for this)
Cecilia's samplers tote bag
floss card
needle craft notepad

Oh and I forgot I signed up for Handblessings Year of the favor from the Lord quilt. The starting pack will include another Cecilia's tote, fabric and floss plus the first three patterns. I will then get the monthly pattern shipped to me until Feb. 2010. This can be seen on the first page at
Believe it or not, I am actually going stitching tonight..LOL! I still have laundry and unpacking to do but there is always tomorrow...LOL!


Emily said...

Damn girl, do you think you got enough stuff. LOL, no really its great, have fun with it all.

Carolyn NC said...

Woo hoo - boy did you score big! Awesome trip and stash!

CJ said...

Well girl, sounds like you had a blast. Enjoy all your goodies.


CJ said...

Well girl, sounds like you had a blast. Enjoy all your goodies.


Meari said...

Sounds like you had a great time! Do they have a website?

Rene la Frog said...

WOW...sounds like a great weekend and that area is so pretty. What a stash haul, should keep you busy for a while.

Nancy said...

Sounds like a much needed weekend away! Great stash haul, have fun with it.

Linda K's Creativity Works said...

Oh My made out like a Bandit...WOW. I'm so glad that you had fun in Branson and that you enjoyed yourself. Good for you.

Shari said...

wow, what a wonderful time. I came to your blog via Monique's. Would love to go to a retreat in Branson!!!!

Gabi said...

That's quite an amount of stash. Wishing you lots of fun with it. Does that shop have a website?

Debbie Jo said...

Sounds like you had an awesome time. I would love to go to a retreat some time. Enjoy your goodies and your memories.

Barbara said...

My oh my, Kim - what a stash haul you made. Did the store have anything left after you were finished? LOL Enjoy!!!
Barb in TX