Monday, August 6, 2007

Today it hit me!

I am going to be alone with Matthew for almost 18 months while Frank is in Afghanstan. I love my son dearly but with a full time job, an active 7 year old(who is in alot of activities), house upkeep, etc...when will I find time for me? I know from experience that I must find that time or I will go crazy. I will continue to stitch and read of course but there will be other things to deal with. Maybe I should come up with a plan of action for when he is gone to start now so things go smoothly. From what I understand, keeping to a routine is important especially to children. Right now I just feel all messed up and unsure. I think I need some grounding time. But I only have a month until he leaves for WI. I also need a baby sitter so if I want to go to one of my stitching or bookclubs I can. Otherwise I have to give that all up. No wonder I have heard that wife is the hardest job in the army.


monique said...

E. always does much better when we stick to a routine! Hugs to you :)

Lauren said...

Hi Kim! Just stumbled across your blog. Being childless myself, I haven't got much advice, except maybe carpooling for your son's activities. I can't imagine how stressful it will be, but I'm sure stitching will help lots! I'm originally from PA, too, the Allentown area. What part are you from?

Kim said...


I am from Altoona but have been to your area of the state. Currently have family in Pittsburgh, Phili and still around Altoona.

Cyndi said...

Hi, Kim,

Saw your blog address on CSFC - I'm an Air Force wife, daughter, and mother. Husband is retired now. Son is on Diego Garcia (island in middle of Indian Ocean), so he's pretty safe. I'll keep you in my thoughts. Happy stitching - come visit me, too!