Monday, September 24, 2007


I feel like I have done so much today. Let's see got up at 7am, got Matthew ready for school and out the door. Laid down for a few minutes. At 10am, I went and did my curves workout which was better today. In fact, the soreness is almost gone. Home to shower and get some things to be mailed. Left the house again at 12:45pm went to another curves for nutrition class, post office to mail exchange items, kinkos for a color working copy of a pattern, and then the grocery store. Got home around 3pm. Made hard boiled eggs and then supper for M and I. Matthew's homework is done and he is out playing with a friend. I need to clean up the kitchen and then my work is done. It is only 6pm!!! I hope/plan to get alot of stitching done tonight. I have also already called my clients for tomorrow and gotten the paperwork ready I need. I miss my husband already though. I know he made it to WI safely but haven't talked to him since earlier today. I plan on having Matthew call him before bed since he mentioned how much he misses daddy. This is hard and he is only about 6-7 hours away and plans to come home later this week. What will we do when he is in Afghanistan and we don't see him for 6 months or more. The rest of the week will be busy. I have clients every day. Tomorrow night is gymnastics and Wednesday is a scout den meeting. Let the craziness begin...hopefully I can get some stitching/reading time in nightly to relax.

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glenda said...

Sounds like a very busy day. I hope you were able to get some "you" time in with some stitching and some reading.