Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Taking a quick break..

I have been stitching most of the evening. Working on the tote bag for an exchange I am in that needs to be mailed by Monday. It is an easy stitch but time consuming. I hope the person likes it. I then signed up to another exchange but that one is only bookmark size. I have a love quilts square due on Monday that is not going to make it. Then I have one to do for quilts4kids due in November. Anyhoo I am really enjoying stitching again which is so wonderful. I had not done much for qquite some time and I realized today that I was so totally relaxed. I think that is why. It is the only thing that is different. I think I am getting sick though. Sore throat and massive headache tonight. I don't know why and I hope not esp cause Frank is coming home tomorrow or Thursday for about 10 days. This weekend coming up in the scout camping weekend. Thank goodness I don't have to go. I just don't camp. So instead I get a weekend almost all alone. Will be wonderful! I plan to stitch and relax. I would like to read as well but still nothing sounding good there. I plan to try something if the head calms down. I am able to read magazines but not anything longer. The attention just isn't there. I am joining some new groups on yahoo to see if I can get into them. I also plan to try and attend a new f2f group that meets during the day. It is just one morning a month for an hour so I should be able to swing it. Also my work book club is coming up on Oct. 12. That one is only every other month but it is something. I really want to want to read again but I think I am obsessing about it which is going to make it worse. UGH!!
At least I am stitching....maybe I am a one hobby at a time gal..????


glenda said...

As long as you are enjoying yourself, that's all that matters. Don't ruin the nice time you are having thinking about what you should be doing (I know about this, I do it all the time - it's like a guilt thing..) LOL

Lauren said...

I'm glad stitching relaxed you! I hope that you're feeling better!