Saturday, September 1, 2007

Finally Over!!!!!!

Well this week has been the work week from HELL! I did 19 baby visits which included 8 brand new babies. After being off last week with bronchitis I had a ton of catching up to do. It has been after 1am every night this week till I am finished with work(nursing notes and such). I have been back at a client's house around 10am the next am. Thursday night, I left my last client's house around 8:30pm and I had left me that am at 9. No lunch breaks, only water in the car and occasional snickers from a quick trip when I made a short potty break. It has been wild! In addition most days it was very hot and I was very uncomfortable. The best thing I can say is it is OVER! Oh and it is also 9/1/07 which means the heat will leave sooner rather than later. Actually today was nice. I even saw trees move and felt a breeze in inner city St. Louis. Didn't help much in those 2nd floor apartments without a/c and clients that don't open windows.
Anyway I made it. My charting is done and my paperwork has been faxed. Other than phone calls I am off till Tuesday. Needless to say I have not picked up a book or a needle all week. This weekend I plan to do both for some much needed relaxing.
I also will try and catch up some on my groups and with personal emails. But first I am going to sleep and sleep for a long time. Hubby has agreed not to wake me today(Saturday) unless we are having a diaster and we need to evacuate.

Good Night!


shutterbug said...

Hugs to you! I'm glad your week is over. Enjoy your time to relax. :o) The heat alone is enough to exhaust you without the long hours on top of it. I'm gonna sound like a mom and say you really needed more than water and a candy bar to keep you going. :op
{{{{{Hugs}}}}} Elaine

Barbara said...

Happy that your miserable week is finally over. You deserve a medal for doing the job you do. Truly hope you are appreciated by your superiors. Your work is so needed that you really need to take good care of yourself. Even a fast food burger would be better than just a Snickers bar. But then, you already know that. :D Enjoy your weekend & get plenty of rest!
Barb in TX (from CSE group)

glenda said...

I hope you did get lots of sleep today, I would have commented earlier, but I had a 12 hour sleep session, myself! LOL Must be going around. Resting and reading mags sounds like a wonderful idea. Sometimes even stitching can be more "thinking" than I care to do.
Take care

Lauren said...

Wow, what an awful week! I hope the weekend was much better!