Thursday, September 20, 2007

Out of shape

Okay so now I know exactly how out of shape I am. Joined curves yesterday and I will tell no one my weight, measurements or body fat %..not even Frank. That being said, I almost fell over when I saw that number..OMG I know I have been putting on weight since I had my baby(I know he is almost 8!!!) but man oh man. In total I would like to lose about 50 pounds but honestly it is more about feeling good, lowering my blood pressure and having more energy. Also I will need the stress reduction when I as a single mom with a hubby in a war zone. Tonight was my first workout and did I ever feel it. Appears the only muscle I used recently is my mouth. Here I was counting those trips to the second floor in the city hauling scale, baby items and computer as exercise. Guess not!
The week has been busy. So far the only time part time about part time is the name. Next week will be a little better. I'm off Monday and then have 3-4 clients daily and they are all in the same zip on the same day. Now if only this humidity would break. It is September St. down!
As for stitching and/or! I am having concentration problems. I have been stitching some but I don't think I've finished a book since July. I have started many and read magazines but can't follow a story. If anyone has any ideas of a book that could pull me out of this slump...let me know! I hate not reading something. As for stitching, I am working on a love quilts square that is due October 1 and also a tote bag for an exchange.
The new sleep number bed is good. I am slowly adjusting my number every few nights and haven't found the perfect one yet. I am getting closer. Also for the first time in many years, I can lay on my left side which is awesome.
The lawsuit..well Frank talked to a lawyer/judge on Monday who said it is the insurance company's issue not me personally. Frank has called them and I am not sure if they have called back yet. He was taking care of that since he has more time during the day to make calls at this point.
TOMORROW IS FRIDAY!!! YEAH!! I am on call this weekend but at least it isn't the hell that it was at VNA-tip!



glenda said...

You are definitely on the right track with curves. Good Luck!
Your bed sounds great. I bought an obscenely expensive bed and have never regretted it. I don't think I have ever slept as well as i do now.

Lauren said...

LOL, I know what you mean about losing 50lbs! I hope you're enjoying your Monday off!