Friday, September 21, 2007


I am so happy it is Friday. This week has been hot and miserable. I did get alot of good things in the mail this week...6 boxes from amazon. Would someone please explain to me why they insist on sending books in one order in different boxes on the same day? I don't pay shipping so it's not a big deal but it seems wasteful to me.
I also got some stash..a chart for a exchange I am in, waxing moon's the crab is in, a christmas ornament chart. and val's stuff I'm just a little batty. I plan a trip to the stitching shop this weekend to pick up some things for me and for exchanges. I am going to get the stuff to do I'm just a little batty. I am not usually a Halloween gal but this cracks me up and it is sooooo true. Still have not received the JCS ornament issue..ugh! It just plain stinks that the subscribers seem to get it last. So I have been poking around Stitches and things site and man have I found some "must-haves." I am really fond of these new Amy Bruecken designs especially the one "you're my hero" for obvious reasons. A Chill is in the air by homespun elegance is another must have. Most of you all know my love of snowmen and I did find two of those online also. Squeezing thru the holidays by X's and O's and My curves have shifted by carousel charts. Also really liked carousel charts frogs.

More good news...Frank talked to the car insurance company today. They said to fax the lawsuit I got last week to them and they will deal with it. The guy also told Frank that they have not even settled the original claim with this guy because they feel that his "injuries" do not match the accident and feel that he may have had these "medical issues" before our actual accident.

So now hubby and son are in bed. I am soon to follow but I think I am going to get off the internet and get some stitching and/or reading done.

Hugs and good night!!


glenda said...

Excellent news about the insurance company! Sounds like your day was a good one with all the wonderful mail. Enjoy your weekend!

Barb said...

That turned out cute!

Lauren said...

Good news about that whole ugly mess! I've seen tons of new charts I love, too! I don't know if you're a big Christmas person, but have you seen the new Mirabilia tree for this year?