Saturday, September 15, 2007

Saturday evening

Well I am feeling a bit better after talking to a friend about the summons. She had some good information. We will hopefully talk to a lawyer on Monday. It is this waiting over the weekend until we can call that bothers me. Not to mention this is just something I DID NOT NEED RIGHT NOW!!!!
As for the movable wall, it is done and dh will be drywalling in a few minutes. He claims he will have my bed ready tonight. Guess we will see. He did redeem himself in that when he went to home depot, he stopped at cold stone creamery for me. Off to stitch and/or read. I need some relaxing me time.

Keep your fingers crossed I will sleep in my new bed tonight!


glenda said...

Did you get to sleep in your bed last night (or should i say this morning??)

I certainly hope you had a better day today.

Lauren said...

Oh, I hope the bed was wonderful. Is there anything ice cream can't fix? :)