Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sunday Night

I am exhausted even though not a book was read this weekend nor did I cross a stitch. But my bedroom is much cleaner and the new sleep comfort bed is up and ready to go. The bed has all fresh new sheets, blanket and quilt on it. It is 10pm and tomorrow is another work day. Why do the work days go soooooooo slow and the off days sooooo fast. Well as of today I am officially 1/2 time. I will see how it works starting tomorrow. I have a meeting in the am and then 4 clients to see. Tomorrow evening is a stitching group. Maybe I will actually!

Night Night!!


glenda said...

You made it!!!

I sure wish I had a stitching group in my area - it sounds like so much fun.

Lauren said...

I hope you had a good time at your stitching group! And congrats for being part-time now!