Saturday, September 15, 2007


I knew I should have just stayed in bed. I wake up to Frank saying "you better look at this" I am being SUED!!! You may remember my accident on Dec. 6, 2006. In case you don't, here is what happened. I was working and driving on graham road on the way to a client's house. The guy in front of me in the suburban stopped at the light and I tried to but slipped on a piece of ice. My kia took most of the damage. He had a scratch on the trailer hitch that was on the suburban. He went to the hospital complaining of nausea, neck pain, and numbness in his arms. By the time I went(mostly to be sure I was fine which I was), he was in the waiting room drinking pepsi and eating chips. Laughing with family and friends. Later Frank was outside looking at the back of the suburban trying to see if there was any damage(a scratch) and his wife gets out of another car and says "oh are you the insurance man here to give us a new car?" So I sent it in to my insurance. They called in the spring at one point to get another statement from me since my insurance said that the amount of health issues and damages he was reporting didn't match what I said happened. In May or June, Frank got a call from our insurance saying he was asking for more than we were insured for. Also our insurance dropped us in August because of this asshole and we had to get more expensive less coverage elsewhere. Now today I get the summons that HE IS SUEING ME FOR $25,000. Which I of course don't have. I also have to find a lawyer(good one) and pay him/her to defend me in this matter. No to mention any days of work I will miss. UGH!!
Today Frank and I have been cleaning the bedroom to put up our sleep number bed. I was out here taking a break when he called for me. Apparently the electrical outlet was only two prong so we couldn't plug the bed in. So he decides to cut around outlet to see if he can make it a 3 prong outlet. He can but bad news...the wall moves by the touch now. So I have a nervous breakdown and Frank and I have a huge fight about how shitty this house is and how much I hate it. And how that BITCH that sold us this house, got away(along with the realtors)with knowing the terrmite situation and we have been told we have no legal action to take in this issue. But that I can be SUED because my car didn't stop on the ice.

OMG!!! I hate it!


Mr Sansom said...

sorry to hear of your misfortune. unfortunately some people think the american way is screw you neighbor, not love them.

best of luck.

Lauren said...

Oh man, I'm so sorry to hear about all this! I hope you have some good news, soon.