Sunday, October 14, 2007


Well after my first weekend alone with Matthew, I am searching madly for a sitter. I about went insane this weekend. Now it was a 4 day weekend for him. The big issue is me not sleeping as well. If only I could sleep....I think it may be partially med related so plan to hash that out with my doctor on Wednesday. In the meantime...I have a plan.

First I made a big purchase this weekend, a MP3 player. I did it because the St. Louis County Library offers audio books in mp3 player format for free. I hope to eventually be able to listen to books as I stitch. Tonight I plan to stitch as I watch Desperate Housewives. I also plan to start my evening routine earlier...getting ready for bed, reading my book, etc. The Picoult book has got to go. It is about a school shooting and I don't need to read about that. So I am going to find something lighter to read. What..I don't know. I am also going to change how I take my evening meds to see if that helps.

Tomorrow I am back on the bandwagon with curves. I fell off after a short week or two on. Life has just been so stressful lately that I feel like I am constantly behind the eight ball. This will be a busy week work wise and I am bumed I have to miss my stitching group on Monday. But next weekend is the stitch in. Also I have a sitter I am interviewing this week.

Today we went to the Florissant Fall Festival and I am beat. Made a pizza, cheese sticks and lima beans for dinner(can you tell M got to chose???)

Have a good night!

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glenda said...

You are certainly a busy woman! The mp3 player sounds like a great idea. I have a lot of trouble sleeping (as you probably know by now) and it makes me crazy. I take a few meds myself and I know that they don't help the situation.

Don't be too hard on yourself - it sounds to me like you are doing a pretty terrific job with all you are dealing with!