Monday, October 1, 2007

Finally October

October is my FAVORITE month! The stitched picture is the one I did for a tote exchange for a yahoogroup. I finished it last week but couldn't post until my exchange partner got it today. It was my first time stitching on a tote and I actually enjoyed it. It was fun and that pattern was easy. I started a new stitching project last night and I worked several hours on it. I have been stitching alot recently. I still cannot read an actual book but am reading magazines. I have 2 f2f bookclubs next week and need to get cracking. I am still reading magazines. I am going to get off her to get some stuff done. I have to work tomorrow.



Lauren said...

I love the tote! Hopefully you'll get back into reading soon!

glenda said...

I saw it on Ms Kayle's site and thought it was gorgeous. You picked a perfect design.
How is your bed? Did you figure out your "number" yet? I am quiet lately as I am still under the weather and spend most of my time trying to keep up with work - not that there is so much, it's just hard for me to focus LOL

Thanks for keeping an eye on me, you certainly know how to make my day :)

Anonymous said...

Nice finish and I am VERY happy to be the recipient. I can tell you all that this looks even better in real life and I am proud to be carrying my projects in it. My oldest daughter just visited and confiscated ALL of my bags like this so this ended up being a wonderful exchange for me.