Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Someone needs to smack me!

What am I doing right now??? Right now? Let's see..I am putting charts I like into a cart at 123stitch, cruising ebay for good cross stitch deals and on paperbackswap thinking about what to order next. HELLO? I also got an order from JoAnns light I ordered(thank you Carol and Jeanne). Let's not forget that this past weekend I got tons of cross stitch at the stitch in(good buys though)and went to the stitching shop as well. Plus I went to booksamillion twice in the last week and got 2 books in the mail today from paperbackswap. I am not sure if I just like mail or I am trying to fill in whatever is missing. UGH! Man oh man..

Otherwise today has been uneventful. I did not work due to a stomach issue so tomorrow I will have to work harder. Tonight was scout's Halloween party. Would not have been so bad but they decided to have a pack meeting first. The whole thing started at 7pm and the actually party didn't start until almost 8pm. M goes to bed at 7:30 and this was on a school night with a bunch of grade schoolers..ugh! Then we get home and I realize I forgot to tape Private Practice..ugh

Good night!


glenda said...

You are giving new meaning to the phrase "stash therapy" LOL

I can go through phases like that. Seems like I am trying to feel 'satisfied' and never quite seem to make it.

Don't be too hard on yourself, as you are going through a lot lately. It's just your way of coping.

Hopefully tomorrow won't be too hard on you at work.

monique said...

It's called "shopping to compensate"... some of us smoke more, or drink, you shop :)

ndmurdock said...

You know you can watch all ABC TV shows on your computer??? I catch up on mine that way and don't have to tape anything anymore. Just thought I would let you know!

Meari said...

Well, they say shopping is therapy. I'm guessing you needed some good "therapy"!

Lauren said...

Yup, good therapy! I did that too with the moving - of all the times to NOT want to spend extra money, lol. I hope your stomach troubles are all better.