Sunday, October 7, 2007

Sunday Night

Is it really Sunday night already??? Man where did the weekend go....well I know but??? Friday was lunch at school and M's doctor appt. Saturday was the NFNF picnic and then M and F went to the boyscout BBQ. Today was a good day. I met two online friends..Mary and Barb. Mary lives in IL and Barb was passing thru St. Louis on a cross country road trip. We just hung out, talked and then ate..spent about 4-5 hours together chatting. These are two of the ladies that got me into the charity stitching. So of course stitching was part of the conversation. Turns out they read like me as well so perfect. The picture in this post is of us at the St. Louis Bread Company. Continues to be hot here in the midwest. I hear though that by midweek fall is arriving. About time!!! This week is strange for me. I am working Mon, Tues and Wednesday. Frank is leaving to go back to WI on Wednesday. Thursday, M has a 1/2 day of school so I am only seeing one client and then he is off Friday so I am as! Next week is similar due to conferences on Thursday and Friday. But the best news is Frank got a flight from WI to be here the weekend of Oct 19. Which means I will definitely get to the St. Louis stitch-in as he will be here with Matthew. YEAH for me!!!

Off to stitch!



Lauren said...

I know, what happened to the weekend?!?! It sounds like yours was plenty busy, though! I'm glad you had a good time, and got to go to the stitch-in!

glenda said...

So glad you are going to make it to the stitch in. You will have a blast!