Monday, October 8, 2007

Very tired...

Well I didn't sleep again last night and since I wasn't partying and I am no longer 21, it isn't fun. Not sure what is going on with me but it stinks. Today was a workday and it was an okay day. Busy and got a new interesting case. However it is a mess so will be lots of work. I have a massive headache today probably from not sleeping well for weeks. I plan to talk to my doctor when I got next week. I also have an upset stomach and scratchy throat though so maybe I am getting sick. Hope not! No time this week. Anyone out there have sleeping issues and do you have some advice. I am really really crabby tonight as well. Hopefully sleep will come. I am going to turn in early and maybe stitch or read a bit.


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Lauren said...

The only thing that really works for me when I'm having insomnia is Tylenol PM. Normally, though, I also make sure to change into my jammies early, and curl up on the sofa, and only climb in bed when I'm really ready to sleep. I hope you're not actually getting sick!