Monday, November 8, 2010

Cecilia's Retreat

So I just had the BEST weekend! I left last Wednesday for the November retreat Cecilia's Samplers. I picked up Laura and Sue V from Every Stitch Counts yahoo group at the St. Louis airport. We then drove to Branson. They are great ladies. I also met Debbie and Karen from ESC who were also great. I got to see Anita and Becky from Texas. Plus Holly, Sandy, Sharon, etc etc. I also got to spend time with the other St. Louis Stitchers that went. As usual, Tour Guide Barbie, the later years(Holly) outdid herself. We were a large crowd this year but the room was great. I was with my usual condomates Monique and Sandy. Debbie stayed with us for a night. I missed Jackie though and she better be back with us for April. (yes Jackie that would be a!) Fuddruckers came and cooked for us on Thursday night..YUMMY! Plus we had an extra night for a small fee. Now to you out there who have not had the experience I would highly recommend it! I believe(Tour Guide tell me if I am wrong) they are booked until Fall 2011 but check out the website. I went with the gift certificate option because I CAN ALWAYS find more stuff to buy. Cecilia's Samplers is one of the best shops I have ever been in. Margaret, Amy, Jesse, Kacy, Holly, etc etc will do ANYTHING to help you! But because Holly is such a great project picker, I did have to buy 2 of them. Snowmen you know? I got tons of stuff from my Every stitch counts friends which I love all of it! I thought I would list the fun things that I got at the retreat or purchased at Cecilia's.

At the retreat
Cecilia's Samplers piggy bank
tea cup
tons of free patterns
ipod holder
sewing pin
Cecilia's tote bag
Cecilia's tape measure
Pat Carson needle
nail files
Guard frog that helps protect against unfortunate "RIP-IT" incidents
Case with pattern, fabric and floss
bookmark magnifier
mini motif sampler pin cushion
scissor fob
counting fob
black and white stork scissors

What I purchased?
Santa snowman basket of love by Stoney Creek(this was a project for the weekend)
Amy Bruecken designs key toy(snowman also a project)
Cure pink pouch with scissors, pattern and floss winders
stork scissors
Bent Creek Frowzen Men kit
Evergreen ornaments love (snowman)and all the stuff to do it
LHN Snow White and all the stuff to do it
more Pat Carson needles
Bent Creek Holiday Hang-Ups(snowman) kit
LK Winter Fab Fob
The Stitchworks Starlight Snowman and all the stuff to do it
Bent Creek The Christmas Mandle Part 1 and Part 2
Amy B for Jackie and all the stuff to do it

Pat Carson doll
Bent Creek The Christmas Mandle Part 3

Non-Stitching Purchases
hot pink crocs
fuzzy pink and grey crocs(lined)
crocs for Matthew
great hand lotion
Wiggle worm for Matthew
2 t-shirts for Matthew
leather purse


I may have gotten more I just can't think of it now. I think I got another pair of scissors...I am trying to catch up to! I have to go to bed...tomorrow I am going back to my babies!


Shari said...

sounds like a wonderful time was had by all.......the group was sure quiet, that is for sure!!!
Some day, I will be able to hit a retreat again!

Jackie said...

So happy you had a good time, well deserved. I am looking forward to spring, one way or another, I am so there. No guilt, either. I am so grateful that you talked me into going that first time. I've never met a more wonderful group of ladies. The weekends are so relaxing. Now, if we can just get through 'til April in one piece...

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